Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Basel +

The route to and from Old Town is absolutely delightful. Buildings as old as from the 15th century line up to make a scenic route that looks like a set out of a Disney movie. Picture that scene in Beauty and the Beast (I know the film's set in France but we are sharing a French border here in Basel) when Belle rolls down town with her head under a book. Yeah, it's pretty much like that except that it is more spread out and with the architecture around you, the only book you'd be holding here is the one defining the history of this town. Take a look at these beautiful designs to see what I mean.

See what I mean. Also, this place is packing with museums; whether you be a lover of art, science, music, religion, furniture, paper or even doll-making, you name it; there is a museum of your fancy in this town.

The city was absolutely beautiful in the summer. If it's too hot, you can take a dip in the Rhine, or end up quite far down the city if the current is too strong. On a serious note, do be careful about that, it happened to me. Felt my sweat being washed away by the water as I fought the current; was a weird sensation. The only thing that upset me during my stay in Basel was that I didn't get hit by a pok├ęball.

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