Sunday, 28 July 2013

Streets of Notting Hill Gate on weekdays

There have been a few good words floating about this so called Portobello market in Notting Hill that caught my attention and a couple of weeks ago, even a friend of mine insisted that I should visit Portobello market. So, since everyone was talking about it, I decided to check out for myself what the hype was all about. But first, with the help of our trusty encyclopaedia, also known as Google (very useful application), I came across some snaps which looked similar to Camden towns.

Finally, I decided to go for a short visit and to be honest, it does look like Camden town, just a bit posh. They have thrift shops, food stalls on the streets and lots of items and objects sold just like in Camden but the whole atmosphere and the vibe, felt somewhat completely different. Since it was a weekday when I visited the place, there weren't much stalls and people as what they said during the weekends. I heard that in the weekends this place gets so crowded that you can hardly get much space to move freely. The whole market feels like some kind of a street festival.
Camden has its own audience; it is like a haven for music enthusiast of all rock genres (punk, indie, metal, gothic etc). Portobello is more of a place for vintage lovers, good food and I suppose a safer place to hang around. As you scan around the place, you will notice a sense of sophistication from the people there; their clothes added with personal touches and the way they converse. But I haven’t been to the place on weekends so cannot say much. I will perhaps make another post on a weekend visit there. As for now, enjoy the pictures!!!



Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Camping!!! Woop! Woop!

Summer has been really nice this year, maybe too much heat, but can’t complain! Well, we only get a few weeks of sunshine a year and we ought to enjoy as much as possible. Personally, I prefer staying home and doing nothing (probably everyone prefers that) but that maybe cause of the cold weather. However this year has been a bit different as our very shy ball of fire (sun) has finally decided to stay longer than usual and probably emitting a bit too much of the scorching heat isn’t to everyone's liking. I have to say, I like summer and all the people on the streets trying to get a glimpse of this so called sun. And every year, there always has to be those people who look like lobsters (too much tanned), those who finally get to show off their abs and legs bla bla bla but these little things make summer more exciting.

Anyway, aside from the boring lines above, I went camping this year with two of my friends. My first ever camping!! Seriously!! It was the first in my life (so eager to go back) and it was aweeee…..some!! The place is called Llyn Gwynant campsite (, although it was like 4 hours’ drive but it was worth it. Even driving in Wales is exciting, with all those bendy roads, going up and downhill, indulging my eyes with breath-taking scenery, no pollution, no buildings etc etc.. just open space. I would definitely recommend that place. I tried my best to take a good picture but as I am just an amateur in photography and still in learning phase, I hope some of these pictures are to your liking.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

BCN - Part 5: Finale

It is hard to believe that the church of Sagrada Familia was designed during the late 19th century. The interiors are very modern and abstract indeed; completely opposite to how I had imagined judging by its exterior. But then again, I should have expected it since Gaudi was behind the creation after all. Unfortunately, my camera's battery ran out whilst I was about to take pictures of the building outside.