Sunday, 21 July 2013

BCN - Part 2 : Art in the City

Barcelona is definitely a city of fine arts. One is bound to take notice of Gaudí's distinctive style of works when touring there. His pieces seem so modern to have been thought of and built in the early 20th century. But besides his prominent figurines around the city, I thought these ones were quite eye-catching as well: 

The one thing I regret not doing in Barcelona is the segway tour. The city is huge and the activity is a must if you are a bit sensitive around the feet area. I only visited the beach and the magic fountain on my first day there and by the time we came back to our rented apartment, I felt like I had Bigfoot's feet. Yep.

I was quite curious about this sign until I walked up further the hill to find a church. Graffiti seemed rare in Barcelona; the ones in this post here were the only ones I came across in the city.

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