Monday, 15 September 2014

Camping & Hiking

I don't know if I should say it's a new found obsession or hobby, but recently it has come to my own attention that I have a growing interest in outdoor activities, like bushcraft or survival techniques. (that is in extreme measures, which I'm not sure if I will ever experience it) Camping and hiking are more easier options for me. Experience wise, I had only hiked long-scale once in my entire life, back in 2012 when I visited Nepal. The struggle of walking up and down steep hills, constant awareness from falling off the edge of the mountains and crossing the river on dodgy suspension bridges were not what I thought would interest me. 
This mind of mine sure is tricky; the world is advancing in technology where one hardly has to lift a finger, and here I am, captivated with the techno-free lifestyle. Or is this the result of watching television shows like Bear Grylls and reading books of Bushcraft?  Whatever it is, I can confirm that I do love to be with nature. I am not sure if I will ever have the need for theoretically learned survival techniques but one can never get enough of those valuable information.  

So, a few weeks ago, we (Subodh, Kriti and I) went camping and hiking at Lake District. Of course that's not a survival technique requiring area but being close with nature is good enough to test the skills, plus it soothes the mind and the body, which we desperately needed for the past couple of months. 
The initial plan was to go pier fishing in Dover but then we voted for a hiking trip impulsively as we hit the road. As soon as I entered the motorway I realised we were missing a few things which I was in charge of; a stove, cutleries, some food we prepared and extra clothing. Rather than going back to retrieve the items, we decided to buy it on the way. 
Now all that was left was the 250-mile journey and approximately 4 hours of driving, which would have been a hardcore monotonous session if it weren't for Kriti's amusing stories from China. Well, Subodh who was snoring behind us only woke up on the service station for a munch.  

Finally we were getting close to our destination, and the road was getting narrower, bendy, bumpy; just rough, but with a spectacular scenery. It was one of those enchanting views where I lose concentration from my driving, an experience which Kriti and Subodh were clueless about (hahaha, although it is no laughing matter). After a few miles, we reached our campsite; Helvellyn Glenridding. Apparently, there is mountain called Helvellyn which is third highest mountain in England,  and we were determined to climb to the top.
The next day, we started from the bottom (no, not the Drake song ^^) of the mountain with Kriti looking like a Ninja in all black, and taking some breaks in every few minutes. Getting to the top was not as easy as it seemed but when we reached to the top the path was fairly easy with spectacular scenery all around it. I suppose it was worth the effort. 

Three miles to the top of Helvellyn.

A map is essential for this rocking mountain. Subodh and Kriti trying to figure out where exactly we were on the map. 

Stone wall to separate the mountains

It was very steep when we were coming up. Why is it that photos on hills never appear steep at all??? Just can't reflect those perspectives.

Some photos before continuing our journey

Kriti trespassing to someone else's property the ninja way :).. She likes to live dangerously!!!

Yes, Yes...Flex time!!

I could've done this karate kid pose on the top of that rock but let's be safe instead XD Plus, behind that rock is a deep fall. Let's not take an unnecessary risk. ^__^ Still acing the pose!!!!