Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Old Market Square

Poznan was beautiful on a completely different level. The old market square is a small but dainty town full of delight which reminded me of the settings similar to that of the Grand Budapest Hotel. This cute little town is very hospitable and I can't help but mention the ridiculously low amount of money it took to stay at the city! Staying at the Sheraton cost only ~ £60 per night!

The food was absolutely delish. I like my spices in my meals and I must say Polish chefs really know how to cook good! I tried honey beer for the first time, that too from apparently the best pub in Poznan. So there you go, a good trip indeed.

Overall, the city is lovely and the trip was definitely awesome. I think I bled my family's ears out talking about Poznan once I returned back home. Another thing I miss from there is watching the Polish drama Czas Honoru.

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