Sunday, 10 April 2016

Camden food market

     Last year whilst interning in Kentish Town, I discovered this nestle of Camden Food Market around the canal banks, hidden from the main street. To be honest, it is bit embarrassing about how I found this place only recently, even though I've frequented Camden Market many many times.
      I suppose people, or rather me, only visited stable market and considered that as the hub of Camden. After the discovery of this food paradise, the inner epicure of mine forced me to indulge on these delightful foods. Just like Brick Lane, another food haven of London, it's a perfect place to satisfy your palate with diverse cuisines.  

Polish Cuisine

Polish frankfurters with potato dumplings, salad and bread. I do love frankfurters and these polish ones are to be commended. I have tasted Polish food before as well and I do have to say they are quite to my liking.

Smoke 'n' Roll : with a name like that, it had to be tasted. 

Pulled pork wrap.
My love for meat is immense and let me just say my whole family loves pork. Sooooooo, nom nom nom, Aaaahh.. what a feast. 

Shrimp Up Your Life

Shrimp burger with avocado
Taste wise, it's brilliant. I mean who doesn't love shrimp, specially when battered and fried, with crispy exterior yet moist and succulent on the inside; and garnished with salad and avocado. Of course, they gave an option for grilling as well but this time, its my old nemesis; deep fried. I have a love-hate relation with fried food and this time, I lurveeed those crispy fried shrimps. 
However, I do have to say that it was a struggle to keep the shrimps in place. Always trying to roll out of the bun, or it could be my inexperience on eating these sort of burgers. 

Mulled Wine

So, this was the first for me. I am still contemplating whether I am into it or not...


Not the best carrot cake I've had but still digging it. 

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  1. I guess I'm gonna have to starve myself for a week before I go visit this food wonderland. Thanks for the share.