Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Michelin Star Experience

Note: Apology for photo quality. Taken from Iphone and under low lights. 

I consider myself a big foodie and try my utmost best to taste all the delicious cuisines around the world. I love the simple and mouth-watering delights of street food and now after trying it for the first time, I wanted share my very first michelin restaurant experience.

I am no food or restaurant critic; just a regular guy with an insatiable appetite, conquering one food at a time. This world is full of delicious food to be enjoyed and travelling is just my method to get my hands, or shall I say "mouth", on these delicacies. It fascinates me how 1 simple ingredient can help create various flavours depending on where and how it's being prepared. To all the masters of culinary, I salute to you for providing with your masterpieces. It was only after much contemplation that I thought I should savour these blissful moments and jot them down in my blog and now, here I am, writing about it. 

The food pictures below are from me and my girlfriend's Valentine's dinner! I thought we should celebrate the ocassion somewhere special (where we've never been before). So, after googling, I booked us a table in a French restaurant; Galvin at Windows. Just the perfect place in London for a romantic night out with spectacular views of the whole city from the 28th floor of Hilton at Park Lane. 

As for the food, we each selected a 3 course meal, from Menu Prestige and Menu du Chef. Beautifully prepared. Full menu available at 

Menu du Chef
This was a complementry dish from the Chef; tasted of salmon and parsley, very fresh.

Casterbridge steak tartare, pickled vegetables & grain mustard mayonnaise

Kimchi risotto, slow cooked hen's egg, sesame & Permigiano Reggiano

Warm chocolate fondant, praline, yoghurt & dill sorbet

Menu Prestage 

Marinated Iberico pork, pickled radish, puntarelle, soy bean paste & chilli

Fillet of Casterbridge beef, braised ox cheek, glazed vegetables, smoked bacon

Nougat parfait, persimmon, Muscovado meringues & blackpepper ice cream


Some chocolates

It was a pretty amazing experience; the service was top-notch, so much so that they made sure our glasses were never empty and at one point we started getting worried that they might even feed us right in the mouths too. No wonder its called a Michelin "Star".

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