Sunday, 5 April 2015

City Breaks


Since my workplace is close to the buildings below, it would be a mistake not to take some night photographs. I used the Guerrillapod to get these shots, which I have to say was rather inconvenient; it's still useful in many ways but I found myself to prefer the classic tripod. 


Who doesn't love Disneyland? I grew up watching Disney cartoons; from Mickey mouse and Donald duck to Aladdin, and to see these fellas in front of your eyes, jumping and dancing around, can be a dream come true, even though they are people wearing inflatable costumes. Sorry kids. It might have been childish of me but  after considerable planning and saving some money last month, I decided to go to Disneyland Paris. 
As I got out from my car, it started to pour hailstones. Seriously!! First time in Disneyland and this is how my day starts. And people say British weather is unpredictable? I don't see it any different in Paris. Anyway, after a few minutes, the hailstorm stopped and there I was on the queue to the entrance eagerly excited like a child, but of course I was not showing it. Hahaha. After all I am a responsible adult.

I have to say it sure pulls you back to your childhood as soon as you enter this magical land. All these funky characters and streets solely made just like in the cartoons. Since it was raining, I only had a few chances to take pictures, also because my camera isn't hail insured.


Here I was again in the same streets, the same canal, strolling around to see this so called Amsterdam. Last year I was here with a friend and this year again, I am back since another friend insisted. I feel Amsterdam is like going to central London. Its rather close to the UK and cheap to fly to if planned properly. Well, hope you enjoy these pictures I took; hopefully they are not too similar from the last time.

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