Sunday, 1 December 2013


Apologies for a very late post. These images were taken around... 2 months ago? Nonetheless, still wanted to post some pictures from this early-autumn event in London.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Keep calm and carry on

Highlight of the week should go to 28th October Monday morning. Gusts of wind with branches and leaves flying around. Bendy trees trying their utmost to stay attached to the roots. It sure was a scary start to a day. As my job involves a lot of night shifts, I got to experience this so called storm and I have to say I do not want to go through it again. So, I was returning home from work around 7 in the morning which happened to be the peak time for the storm to hit. It sure was an unforgettable experience; being cautious of every branch on the road, looking out for trees as I pass them, hoping it would not hit my car, the feeling of wind pushing my car as I drive on the open highway. The scariest moment was when I stopped at a traffic light next to small truck and as I was waiting for the light to turn green, I saw the truck shaking wildly. Just the thought of this truck possibly falling on top of me was enough to scare me.
So after many ups and down, fighting with dancing leaves and branches and several traffic jams I finally reached home. Phew! Well that’s my little experience which could've turned to disaster but didn't and am happy about it.. J
Anyway that’s that.. Let’s get back to some of the photos I have taken, although I couldn't take many pictures this week, please do enjoy these. Hope you like it..

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Is blogging mainstream?

 Damn, it's cold! I can finally say winter is here. Well then, let’s stop talking about the weather and do some blogging. This week's post is about a couple of days late as I was too lazy to go out. Aaaahhhhhh!! I just want to roll in my blanket, watch some movies and indulge myself with some crazy fast-food. Ok! Enough about the laziness too…

So finally, I pushed myself to go out in cold and what do I see? Fur!! Bloody fur everywhere, not that I am saying that’s bad (aside for the animal cruelty). In fact, I want to buy some huge ass parka with lots of faux fur but seeing it everywhere is a bit too much! However, I managed to spot a few who really stood out and knew how to coordinate the particular kind of clothing. And another thing I've been noticing while doing my thang (gangsta talk hahaah) was bloggers. Is fashion blogging becoming mainstream? I have encountered so many bloggers, particularly in Oxford Street; so many people getting their guns (camera) ready, laying there patiently for their prey (awesome people with awesome fashion sense). It’s a good thing people are doing what they are truly passionate about. As for me, I do love photography but I am not seeing myself doing this full-time presently. Let’s see where it goes, pro or just as a hobby? Anyway, please do enjoy the photos.