Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Although a tad late, a very warm and prosperous New Year to you all. Hope 2015 will bring you happiness and a brighter future. This time of the year is all about contemplating on resolutions and struggling to fulfill them. I wish everyone all the strength to achieve his/her own list.

First post of 2015; unfortunately I do not have much photographs as I am hibernating and pigging out on food in this freezing weather. I hope a lot of you can relate to this! That is why, for now, I hope you can also just indulge on some delicious food pornography! These are from the places I visit most often locally. Do apologise for the quality of the photos as they were taken from my iphone.

                                                  HANDMADE BURGER (Wembley outlet branch)

Who doesn't like burgers? Seriously! I am love them. In fact, I am interested in making my own top 10 burgers list in London. Occasionally I indulge myself on these Handmade burgers, the size of the burgers are to be commended. I think this is the first burger I have ever used cutleries on. Personally, the burger is okay but the Cajun fries and the onion rings together are what makes it soo good,

THAMEL BAR & GRILL (Nepalese Restaurant)  

C-Momo (Chilli Fried Momo)

Pork Chops

Chicken chilli

BUSABA EATHAI (Thai restaurant)

Green curry chicken with brown rice.

Paratha (thai style)

Char grilled chicken with sticky rice.

Chicken satay.

Done and dusted!!! 

CHAUTARI (Nepalese Cuisine - South Harrow)

Chilli Momo

Momo Thukpa (dumpling with noodles and soup)

Spiced peanuts and soybean

Chicken Fried Momo

Done and dusted!!!!

PING PONG (Dim Sum Restaurant)

 I had these a while back so I cannot recall the particular names for these dim sums.

Done and dusted!!


Most of you may know about their food.

O BAMBOO (Parisian Thai Restaurant)

The popularity of this place is to be commended as lots of people were queuing for tables. After waiting for half an hour, we finally got a table but then real struggle emerged. The whole menu was in French. Too embarrassed to ask, I just ordered something that sounded familiar and everything became clear to why people were lining. One of the best Thai foods I have ever tasted. My compliments to the chef!!!

Green curry with rice

Pad Thai 

And to top them all up with:


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