Monday, 13 March 2017


If you ever want to be in three countries at once, then Basel is where you might want to go to . The city's right between the borders of Switzerland, Germany & France. The best way I'd personally describe the place as is that it is quintessentially European. On one side of the Rhine, you've got a very modern setting, complete with skyscrapers, whereas the other side of the river boasts of classical buildings and architecture. Here, I've ordered the photos sequentially as I walked from Kleinbasel, the urban part of the city, to the Old Town in Grossbasel. And yes, those are people swimming in the Rhine in the 1st picture; appararently it's quite a big thing to do there every summer.


One great thing about staying at a hotel in Basel was that they gave out replacement tram tickets so that you didn't have to pay for tram transport (not sure if this is still valid though), which was very handy considering how very expensive the place is. A pint of beer costs 6 swiss francs, that too on the cheap side.

Last summer was all about Pokemon Go.

Some scenes upon entering Grossbasel.

Instead of walking down the bridge, you can also take a small boat to cross the river. The one we took had Nepali prayer flags which was pleasantly surprising as I always think that despite the immense economic and lifestyle differences in the two countries, both the Swiss and Nepali country landscapes are reminiscent of each other.

Through the Old Town. More in the next post! 

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