Sunday, 12 March 2017


Last May, way before Trump got elected as President, I got an amazing opportunity to visit America, for the first time ever. So, the first thing that popped into my mind was to take a week off to visit my cousins. First off, I was at Tennessee. T'was a good place with what Americans call as having a southern charm. I definitely enjoyed the peach tea and the portions of food there. One thing to emphasise about America is that the place is just like it is in the movies.
      It was hot in Tennessee; 30°C hot. The last time I experienced such weather was during August in Croatia. During my time in Knoxville, I also heard a lot of stories about bears climbing down the Smoky Mountains for the summer. Sadly, I didn't encounter such a sight.

Landing at Washington D.C. was when I saw a roundabout for planes for the first time in my life.

Saika Di came to pick me up at the airport. She was planning on surprising me at the arrivals but we both got lost in opposite directions. I was trying to surprise her by heading towards the parking lot and Di was near baggage claim. So, our reunion was pretty hilarious, not everyone surrounding us thought so though. After a night of what seemed like a never-ending wine-binge and getting nostalgic with Di and the bros, we headed to the hottest points of D.C. the next day; yes, I'm talking about the museums, because education, and of course, to get a glimpse of George Washington's abs.

After an hour at the National Museum of American History, we went to Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum was very much laid out like the ones in London and Oxford.

Touched a bit of Mars.

Some photos of crystals because they're always cool.

I probably gained a generous amount of weight during my stay in America. Here are a selection of items I drooled over and very much enjoyed as well. 


D.C. was very... bureaucratic. It was pretty fun walking around Georgetown and the monuments were quite a sight; American size.

The White House was very clean-looking.

Here's a close-up of the Washington Monument. Yes, we did the whole Captain America jogging thing. It was actually pretty fun cycling around there too.

A few moving snippets of the area;

Now that we'd fueled all that knowledge on American history, Saika di thought we deserved a bit of party-time. So yeah, she booked, for the two of us, tickets to Orlando baby! Florida was just as you'd imagine! Freaking palm trees and piña coladas everywhere!

We went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure. It was an absolute blast. They had rides + set replicas from Marvel to Sinbad to Jurrasic Park to Kong, although Kong island wasn't open yet when we went there, but anywho, Pirates of the Carribean and best of all, Harry friggin' Potter!!!

The rides that I personally found best were Harry Potter, obviously (btw you can actually shop around Hogsmead, how cool is that?!), and Jurrasic Park.

We had a slightly funny experience on our way back to D.C. Whilst waiting for our gate to open, Saika di and I decided to go have a drink at a bar. One drink went down to two and so on, soon when we were checking in and our bags were being scanned, we got stopped and got a good earful for not taking out liquids then actually got followed around by security when we were browsing around shops. Here's a picture of the culprit.

Either way America is a slightly crazy yet great place. I would love to go visit more, because the place is so huge, but concerning the circulation of real vs. fake news there, I might take my time planning my next visit there. Lastly, I want to share some more photos of food. A big thank you to my beautiful sistar and bros  for showing me around your hood and for feeding me. Did I mention how awesome the food is there?

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