Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Initial plan: Croatia with friends. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the plan was cancelled so, I decided go solo to this wonderful city called Budapest.

For at least once in your life, you have to travel alone… to see the world from only your own perspective, without the influence of anybody else. Walk the streets with your own thoughts, without a care in the world. You’ll be amazed how creative your mind is and how enticing everything around you becomes. Every structure and person; the environment that surrounds you, unfolds a new and memorable chapter in your life. Even if the idea may not be your cup-a-tea, you’ll definitely come to at least appreciate your life a little more.

Why am I writing about travelling alone? Because I finally did so for the first time in my life. Initially, it was just to see what the hype was all about. A couple of days alone to test the waters before the big jump. So, after a recommendation from a friend, I booked myself a ticket to Budapest. Also, it was the first time that I booked a bed in a hostel (Big Fish), hesitantly, and only for a night. For contingency, I booked myself an Airbnb for the remainder of my stay.

BTW, it was very ignorant of me to think Hungary uses Euros, which I found out from the currency exchange counter. Should’ve done a bit more research…

Virgin Mary Statue in Buda Castle overlooking Pest 

Danube River

So, Big Fish (hostel) was the best decision ever; all thanks to their quirky staff and fellow nomads and their ludicrous tales of adventures. Of course, after spending time with those bunch of vagabonds, I cancelled my Airbnb and decided to prolong my stay at Bigfish. I was too occupied with those people that I forgot to take pictures of the hostel but I did manage to salvage a few snaps from my phone of our so called Pub-crawl.

I liked his fashion. ^_^

Highly intoxicated, this calls for a photoshoot.  

I survived on these for 3 days. Contains all the protein and carbs needed for your travelling body. 

8 countries are represented in this picture!
1) France 2) Scotland 3) USA 4) Denmark 5) Germany and 6) England/Nepal

The photos above are from our famous pub-crawl that Bigfish organises for their guests on most nights, depending on demands. Also, this was my first ever pub-crawl. A few thoughts - basically, fill yourself with every alcohol as you possibly can in different pubs -_- and try your best to stick with your group until the end. It was an interesting experience. Started with a group of 12/13 people in the first pub and as we started to mobilise towards the 3rd pub, half the people were nowhere to be seen. On our 4th pub, I was nowhere where they could see! Yes! I got lost from my group. It is a lot harder than I imagined to stick with your group until the end!

It was a bit concerning how a few days in Budapest became a full on booze trip with aimless explorations, but I came to like this wandering life! Was this what they called happiness? Or was I just paving my path towards alcoholism and finding excuses for my uncontrolled intoxication. Maybe it was the result of shock from their traditional 1-meter beer systems in Budapest? Heard of a pint, even 1 litre but seriously, 1 meter (10/11 glasses lined up in to make 1 meter length)! That was a first! No wonder I lost my way from the group every single night. But nonetheless, during daylight, the sight of Budapest still managed to awe the hungover me. 

Chain Bridge (Szechenyi Lanchid)

Buda Castle Royal Garden

Budapest Parliment

St Stephen's Basilica

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Ahh, the spa… such a tranquil place to release your stress…the place was massive, however, it was seriously crowded; maybe it was peak-time or simply just too popular of a spa, even with 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools, it was crowded! It was a bit awkward to sit there alone avoiding other people's gazes and you keep staring at the ceiling as if you were in a crowded tube but still, it was nice to dip your body in the thermal bath and play chess in it! Highly recommended.

Central Market Hall

Doggo from left side

Doggo from front

Shoes on Danube Bank 

This monument gives remembrance to 3,500 people (800 were Jews) who were shot dead into the Danube river by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen in Budapest during World War II. The people were ordered to take off their shoes, and were shot at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river.

Sixty pairs of iron shoes beside Danube bank

In the blink of an eye, 4 days went by and it was time to bid farewell to this beautiful city. Reluctantly, I had to say goodbye with a promise to meet again. Never had I thought being "alone" in a city would be this enjoyable. I suppose it really does depend on your travelling companion or the people that you meet; that make your journey most memorable. I will see you again Budapest…

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