Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Royal Photographer

Many people may not know about him but this post may be entertaining to portrait photo enthusiasts.

    It does not happen to me often, or should I say ever, that I meet a professional photographer on the tube to my way home. Even though I have an interest in photography, I am pretty much blind to the community of prominent photographers. I was unaware of who this man was. We were just sitting opposite each other on the Northern Line and I came across the tag he was wearing. The first line read his name, Ian Pelham-Turner, but what made me do a double take was the second line, two blocks of words saying Royal Photographer.

At first, I thought “Haha funny name tag, he’s probably going to some kind of a party.” The third and the final line on the tag, however, had the website url www.theroyalchild.com. Now it made me more curious as to if he was the one who took the photos of Kate and Will’s George (the birth hype was going around then). So I did a little googling on my phone on the spot. He wasn't George’s photographer. A scroll down the search results and there; he’s the person who took the first picture of Wills. After that, I started to get nervous because I now wanted to take a photo of him. As I have mentioned on few of my posts before, I still haven’t yet mastered the art of asking strangers to model for photography. I couldn't just flash my camera around his face so; I had to ask him somehow. After a few minutes, I gathered every bit of courage and finally asked him. He said “Yes.” With a smile and without any questions! (Usually when I ask people, they question the purpose of it).
Yippy! Mission’s a success! Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of chatting with him for too long but he seems like a pretty nice and easy going person. I wanted to bombard him with so many questions hahaah, to ask about a few of his experiences photographing the royal family. In my life, he's the first celebrity I have ever taken a picture of. Quite a fortunate personal moment. 

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