Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Camden town!!!!

Most people have probably visited or heard about it. For some, it’s pretty regular, outing to Camden. This town has its own charismatic atmosphere which fascinates and welcomes a pretty good crowd (tourists and locals). For vintage enthusiasts, there are many vintage shops. For food lovers, many cuisine vendors are set up and if you are tight on cash, then why not try some cheap yet really tasty knockoffs (my preference). Well, Camden is pretty cool and quite mesmerizing. I thought I would take loads of photos of people and shops there but to my surprise, most of the shops don't let you take photos which were kind of a let-down for me. Many good arts and talented people are cooped up in the market, so I'm assuming that they probably thought people would steal ideas, hence prohibiting photography.

Anyway, if you're in town, I would definitely recommend a visit to Camden. As for now, please do enjoy the pictures.





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