Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn Calling

The day began with clouds wrapping the entire sky. It looked like it would shower any moment but it didn’t, which was fortunate. It was an ideal day for some photography with natural soft lights hitting my 50mm lens. Who would have thought that this session would be such a great success as I tackled my fear of interacting with strangers. It was a great day or should I say a great start to October. I've finally gained a little bit of confidence on asking people for their photos. Credit goes to all the beautiful people who allowed me to take their pictures and to help craft this blog. I must say the photos came out pretty good for me and hope they are to their liking as well. 

I also happened to come across a celebrity! Martin Freeman who recently appeared in the movie, The World’s End, is well-known for his roles in The Hobbit and Sherlock. I have already mentioned in my instagram of this little funny story, but why not share it in the blog as well. The thing is, I didn’t recognise him at first. The blue suit with scarf, leather loafers and an apple patterned bag he was carrying got my attention. I took a shot from the back but asked if I could take his photos. With smile he said yes, as I was pointing my camera towards him, he added; “But you gotta be in it”. Then it hit me, OMG. This is Martin Freeman... I took out my phone and took photos of the both of us. It was an awesome day!!





  1. Hi! I'm the blonde girl in the red skirt who you approached! :) I love the photo, keep at it!x

    1. Hello.. am gald that you like the photo.. it came out nice and looks nice on my blog too.. :)

  2. lovely much inspiration :)

  3. amazing styles, inspired me!
    Emma xx