Saturday, 17 August 2013

Am I becoming a fashion blogger??

Am I becoming a fashion blogger?... Have I finally narrowed down my genre for photography?.... I am still not sure, but what I am perfectly sure about is that I love taking photos and photographing people interests me the most. In my opinion, it’s the unpredictable emotions of people that make them such intriguing subjects for this particular kind of job.

Currently, my fascination dwells with taking clicks of people who I think have a curious sense and touch of fashion. Although, I do think that’s to be expected when you live in London. Whenever I stroll around the city, I see many people who seem to know and care more about what they wear and how they wear it, including a few in exotic clothing on a day to day basis to, which they've commented is in order to be different and that they feel more comfortable that way.

In the recent visit I took to central London for some shots and inspiration, I’ve noticed that men are becoming more and more fashionable. Women have always been great at that area and they do have many styling techniques for clothes as well as accessories in comparison to men. Men, on the other hand who wear the same sort of attires (suit, t-shirts, jeans, you know what I mean ^^) have always been depicted as not having much interest on styling themselves. Well, times are changing and so are the people. Finally, men seem to be grooming themselves more.

Anyway, those are my thoughts…. Maybe it’s because of the present trends that I find myself drawn to the fashion realm. Who knows?....I might change this photo genre in the future. Here are a few shots I took in the streets of London. Hope you like it. 

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